Veteran guard Kyle Lowry recently reached a buyout agreement with the Charlotte Hornets. The 37-year-old was traded to Charlotte by the Miami Heat, ending his three-year run there. During his time with Miami, Lowry played 155 games, averaging 10.9 points across 31 minutes per game.

With the buyout, Lowry can now sign with a new team. Playoff hopefuls like the Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics cannot sign him right away. But a championship-chasers will likely add the Villanova product before the playoffs.

Oddsmakers List Top Destinations for Lowry

Below are next team odds for Lowry from These show the chances of him signing with contenders once he clears waivers.

Philadelphia 76ers +300 – 25.0% Chance
Los Angeles Lakers +500 – 16.7% Chance
Minnesota Timberwolves +700 – 12.5% Chance
New York Knicks +700 – 12.5% Chance
Toronto Raptors +1000 – 9.1% Chance
Oklahoma City Thunder +1000 – 9.1% Chance
Other / Hornets +700 – 12.5% Chance

The 76ers are currently third in the East and favored to add the veteran guard. But the Lakers, Timberwolves, Knicks, Raptors, and Thunder also have decent odds to sign Lowry.

What Can Lowry Bring to a Contender?

Lowry enjoyed his best years with the Raptors, including the 2019 title run. He averaged 14.2 points on 41.1% shooting during that playoff run. But his scoring and assists have dropped off in recent seasons.

However, at 37, Lowry brings valuable veteran presence to any locker room. His leadership could help young teams like the Timberwolves or Thunder. Lowry can also help wannabe contenders like the Lakers round into playoff form.

With his best scoring years behind him, Lowry may be more of a glue guy at this point. But for teams needing one last piece, the former Raptor can still move the needle.

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✅ Updated on February 24, 2024 by Frank Sutton