The Carolina Panthers faced numerous challenges during the 2023 24 NFL season, but there was a glimmer of hope in the form of Chuba Hubbard, a running back in his third year. Despite the team’s struggles, Hubbard, who was drafted in the fourth round from Oklahoma State in the 2021 NFL Draft, showcased his talent by rushing for 902 yards on 238 carries and scoring five touchdowns. What’s even more impressive is that he achieved this with a relatively modest salary cap hit of $1,118,294 for the season. When we consider his average dollar per yard (taking into account rushing and receiving yards only), Hubbard stands out among all running backs in the league as he ranks eighth with an average of $985 per yard gained. This exceptional value has generated excitement among fans and analysts alike, as they eagerly anticipate Hubbard’s ability to continue elevating the Panthers performance in the upcoming season.

In order to evaluate which running backs were undervalued during the 2023 24 NFL season, conducted a comprehensive study using data. This study analyzed factors such as salary cap hits and total yards (rushing and receiving) for each running back in the league.
By analyzing the amount of money gained per yard by individual players, we can pinpoint the top 10 running backs who provided the greatest value to their teams throughout the season.These are the outcomes;

Kyren Williams from the Los Angeles Rams has a cap hit of $947,601, with 1,350 yards and a cost of $702 per yard.

Rachaad White of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has a cap hit of $1,165,909, gaining 1,539 yards at an average cost of $757 per yard.

Isiah Pacheco playing for the Kansas City Chiefs has a cap hit of $889,777. He gained 1,174 yards at an average cost of $758 per yard.

Jaylen Warren is part of the Pittsburgh Steelers and has a cap hit amounting to $874,000. He gained 1,144 yards at an average cost of $764 per yard.

Jerome Ford plays for the Cleveland Browns. His cap hit is valued at $950,537 for gaining 1,132 yards. The cost per yard comes out to be around $840.

James Cook represents the Buffalo Bills and his cap hit amounts to approximately $1,325,468. He achieved 1,567 yards with each one costing about $846.

De’Von Achane from the Miami Dolphins holds a cap hit value of roughly $905.293. Despite gaining only 997 yards throughout his performance period with an average cost reaching around$908 per yard.

Chuba Hubbard plays for the Carolina Panthers while having a cap hit totaling approximately$1.118294 in value. Chuba made it to achieving 1135 yards which resulted in each one costing about$985 on average.

Brian Robinson Jr., signed up by Washington Commanders shows off his capabilities with a Cap Hit standing at approximately$1146.569.
Brian managed to gain around1100+yards resulting in each one costing about$1040+ on average

Tyler Allgeier represented Atlanta Falcons where he showed good form although he managed less numberofyards than others, his Cap Hit stands at about$953 ,474. Tyler gained a total of 876 yards costing each one $1088 on average.

Please note that all figures are rounded to the nearest dollar.

Hubbard’s Standings in the Rankings

In terms of running backs in the NFL, Chuba Hubbard ranks eighth when considering his efficiency relative to the money spent. He falls between De’Von Achane of the Miami Dolphins ($908 per yard) and Brian Robinson Jr. Of the Washington Commanders ($1,041 per yard).

The most efficient running backs in the league are Kyren Williams of the Los Angeles Rams ($702 per yard) and Rachaad White of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($757 per yard). They excel in generating value from their performances. Isiah Pacheco of the Kansas City Chiefs ($758 per yard), Jaylen Warren of the Pittsburgh Steelers ($764 per yard) and Jerome Ford of the Cleveland Browns ($840 per yard) round out the top five in terms of efficiency.

Looking at Average Value (AV) rankings provided by Pro Football, Hubbard’s season total AV is tied for sixth place with Jerome Ford. They follow behind James Cook’s 13 AV, Rachaad White’s 10 AV, Isiah Pacheco’s 8 AV and both Jaylen Warren and Brian Robinson who each have 7 AV.

Chuba Hubbard’s performance during the 2023 24 NFL season demonstrates his exceptional worth as a running back, not just in regards to his on field contributions but also considering his impact on the team’s salary cap. As the Panthers and their fans anticipate what lies ahead, they can find comfort in knowing they have a player like Hubbard who brings both skill and value to the team.

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